Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I have nothing to say at the moment. I've been too tired to think about anything other than which angle to slant my cushions at for best support to my back when I crash on the sofa after work. And that's almost literally the truth. After work yesterday I slept on and off for 5 hours on the sofa before retiring to bed for another 6 up there.

Is that healthy? I don't know. I work very long hours at times, so the amount of sleep I'm having is probably just my body's way of catching up with its quota. And it's very tiring trying to learn a new job at the same time as working the job with its daily stresses and challenges.

But anyway, that's the picture. Tonight I'm going over to L.'s house after work for dinner. Hopefully some tofu and a bit of face to face chat with my buddy will breathe new life into this slumbering beast.

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