Friday, September 15, 2006

Technical Problem With Blogger

I went to post a comment on Tim Samson's site ( ) this morning and found that I couldn't because I'd switched to the new version of Blogger to get the template I'm now using. Anybody who uses the old version, it seems, can't receive my comments anymore--though the technical people are working to fix the problem.

This is obviously going to mean my morning habit of trawling through Tim's site, Skullbolt, The Frank Serpico Blog, Arem Arvinson, Mimi's Golightly Cafe and John Peel Everyday and leaving comments whenever I having something to contribute is going to have to become less of an interactive one for a while. Which is irritating, because my involvement in those sites amuses and entertains me (whether it entertains anyone else is another matter).

So don't think I'm being unfriendly, guys. As soon as the link is established between the old and new versions of Blogger, I'll be back ruining your sites with my banalities just like before.

I bet you can't wait.


domestic empire said...

When you say you can't post, precisely what takes place - I can't see how this scenario is achieved (or not, as such). Did Blogger actually confirm this is an issue? Sorry but that sounds really twatish even for Blogger!

domestic empire said...

Your tagline ought to read:


Bruce Hodder said...

Your comment gets rejected when you enter your username and password. Something comes up telling you that you can't do this on sites using the older version of Blogger if you have the new one. It does seem twattish, doesn't it? Is there a way around it?

domestic empire said...

You could create a new blogger account in order to post just for the time being. Might have to use a different email address but tesco let you create several or I can send you a google mail invite. Then just choose a user name that's close enough to your own so people know who you are.

That's what I'd do anyway if that's any help. I don't like being beaten!

Make sure you sign up at the beta page though - that'll be the clincher I think:

Good Hodder the second' ? Bruce Blogger....Bruce Hodder The Sequel...The Return...Bruce Fights Back...There's A Bruce Is Loose Aboot This Hoose...Brucie's Bonus........Urgh, time for me to hit the sack I think. Goodnight Bruce Deuce.

Bobby said...

You're not missin much at my site. I've become a weekend only blogger. I'm so tired all the time during the week.

Hopefully I can get back into a routine.

Bruce Hodder said...

DE, I don't like being beaten either, so I'm going to try what you suggested. It should work, actually.

Bobby, I can understand the post-work tiredness, believe me.Sometimes all I can do when I get home from work is sleep on my couch for hours. It's a waste of your life, but what choice do we have?
Anyway, it's always a good thing when a new Skullbolt post appears and I still go over every day to check.