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The Tory Mind Takes Over Fastest Where Daddy's Money Buys It

Jeeeesus it depresses me to encounter so much conservatism among the young these days. I’m doing a degree for dubious reasons at a university in the lower 90s of the uni league tables and I keep meeting young people who support David Cameron – who want to sleep with David Cameron, for Christ’s sake – young people who support the vicious cuts the Prime Minister and his previously Liberal Deputy are making to deal with the budget deficit. Fuck the libraries. Fuck nationally-owned woodland. Fuck EMAs and higher education – the tripling of tuition fees isn’t a problem – better do that than risk our capacity to defend our beleaguered shores by getting rid of Trident missiles. Better privatise the NHS than stop making foreign wars. You think I’m exaggerating the conservatism of these kids? You should talk to them. I get treated like an old lunatic when I suggest there’s an alternative view in these matters. They have absolutely no sense of how the inroads true liberalism and socialism made …

No Immunity for Bush

Bush & co. did violate the human rights of prisoners at Guantanamo & that should be impartially investigated, whether the "Enemy" did worse or not. We have to stand up for "our" own values. Not be hypocrites. Hypocrisy is the crack in the wood that admits the worm. Unimpeachable, we take away powerful propaganda from those who would spread murder & hate.

No "Enemy"/ no "our" really, we're all human beings, all fleshy organisms requiring food & sunlight for energy & love for sustenance of the Spirit. & there's no "England", no "United States", no "Pakistan" or "Iran" in Nature, just land & rocks, grass, trees, mountains, rivers. Borders got there by ancient wars & nobody wants the bad karma of inherited blood & suffering do they? Like Kelsang Pawo says, compassion! Bake a cake for your so-called Enemy & apologise to them for your lack of mindfulness.

written aft…

Drive Thru

Drive thru the old village today, then into Kettering, ghosts '68 to '04 everywhere. Hello child me, mother, father, vanished bus stations & garages, hello 'Motor Cycle News' car park, hello boarded-up old teen college, hello gone Southbank & intact Elm Bank building lost friends & loves still hovering, meet my new life, meet my new friend, ain't she gorgeous