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all these people have made 2010 a better, easier, more inspiring, more entertaining, more interesting or more stimulating year than the previous one. big thanks and humble prostrations to each one of them.

Michael Aston

Phillippa Bennett

Bill Blackolive

Lisa Body

Mark Brown

Portia Chandigere

Robert Davies

Mel Goodwin

Dawn 'Dawnie' Hamilton

Martyna Herbut

Beata Kulinska

Geoff Lovesy

Jackie Lovesy

Rachel Lovesy

Kristian McLelland

Lindsey Ransley

Carol Reynolds

Sheldon Richards

Emily Stanley

Laura Stanley

Kerry Wilkinson


I have no hot water at the moment. No warmth in my radiator either. I think my pipes have frozen. Or have they? If they have how can I still flush my toilet? And what am I gonna do when I can't? Who's gonna escort me around town throwing bags of you-know-what over garden fences? (Was it Hunter Thompson who did that? Or Keith Richards? I know it was somebody.)

I don't know. This is why God invented plumbers. Sadly, they are rather difficult to get hold of at this time of year, especially during the coldest December since 1890s (or whatever it is). I booked one to come yesterday but he cancelled on me at the last minute. Now I have another number. But if he doesn't come through I will have to wait until next Thursday, which is the the earliest time the guy I originally booked can give me on a re-booking.

And you know what? I don't mind. The snow is beautiful; it's so deep it completely covers the two Buddhas in my garden. And I can keep relatively clean by strip w…