Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Putting the new Bob Dylan album on the cd tray. After a week of madness, time to find out what the whole thing means.

So many memories, so much happiness, so many colourful people and unforgettable scenes. Torture! then thankfulness! then hope!


Bobby said...

Re: Dylan, did you hear about how he used some lines from an American Civil War poet? NPR did a story on it. It was debated whether this is a folk tradition - using lines from other's works, passing them down, keeping the alive - or - was it a little fishy.

[In response to below] Sometimes you just have to hole up and not even let the light in.

Bruce Hodder said...

I've spotted a lot of instances where Dylan borrows lines from others songs, and from books. It's supposedly part of the reason why his last-but-one album was called "Love And Theft"--though that in itself is the title of a book about the black tradition in music. The area where it gets quite ambiguous--I mean as to wthether it's creativity or stealing--is when the lines aren't even recontextualised, or rephrased, but just sit there in the new song like a skin graft.

Who knows? I always have the feeling Dylan is a little ahead of me in his thinking, so I hesitate to make a judgement. And it is kind of fun playing spot-the-reference.