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The Election: Does Anyone Care?

David Cameron voted against the repealing of Section 28, did y'all know that? So that's gay people AND foxes he doesn't like. But at least he smiles nicely for the newspapers, eh? I could never elect someone with a leer like Gordon Brown's...

I wrote the above on Facebook this morning, taking one of my periodic stabs at Shakespearean irony. But it will undoubtedly be ignored, as most of my political comments are. I can't say I blame anybody for that either. This coming Election has managed even to alienate those who are normally politically engaged. All you hear on the streets and in the pubs and in people's front rooms is a general agreement that "we have to get rid of Brown".

When you ask people why, they're usually hard pressed to give you an answer, unless they're Tory activists in their spare time. They might tell you he got us into the Recession, which of course is nonsense; they might tell you his ideas for getting us out of it, even if h…

The Bard Of Semilong Goes Back To School

I'm applying to do the English degree I meant to do 28 years ago before I dropped out, driven by a vision of artistic purity & independence that left me doing a job I hated and living on nothing but the poison in my belly.

I don't want to waste the rest of my life doing things that murder my mind and ruin my general good will towards humanity, secretly loathing myself the whole time because I don't have the balls to get out. That's how I spent the last fifteen years (lol, as you kids say)(but I'm not really joking). Maybe I loved the job once but looking back through the journals I wrote throughout that time I struggle to find any evidence of it. In the last year, dragging myself out of bed in the mornings to go in and face the same old shit that I'd been facing year in/ year out since the mid-Nineties was getting to be pretty hard indeed, especially when my employer began harassing me about my health, and the home I worked in turned into a Stalinist hellhol…

Bravo Google

Good news on the radio this morning in the ongoing fight against human rights abuses in China: Google has announced it will no longer co-operate with the Chinese Government's censorship of internet searches relating to politically sensitive matters. I'm not fully up on the technicalities of these things, being just on the borderline of what the sloppy press would classify "silver surfer" age (there wasn't anything as wonderful as the internet in my youth, lads and lasses), but apparently Google searches now are being rerouted through a server (if that's the right word) in Hong Kong. The difficulty is that results have to come back through a Chinese server which is still censored, but even if Google's move fails completely to liberate information for Chinese citizens, it's marvellous to see such a huge corporation putting conscience before profit at last. Okay, it took a few years, but to be fair to Google China was sending confusing signals about its …

This Is How The Job Hunt's Going

I have to say, I'm getting a bit fed up with all these cheapskate employers trying to pass their own costs off onto me by sending application forms out only via email. & then  having the nerve to attach an equal opportunities monitoring form with the thing, as if they're not infringing equal opps with their assumption we all have unlimited internet access and a printer.

I can't say I'm particularly keen to find a job, after the psychological warfare of the last one, battling every day with a crude manager whose ambition seemed to be to string my testicles up over her desk; and the brutal way work cuts into my writing time and ruins my meditation, and the way you are expected to become a blindly obedient drone in most places I've ever worked--there's no room in the workplace for a real individual--but the money won't last forever and I feel I ought to show willing at least, before I give up and become a happy old man dozing by his window as the kids run b…

A Confession

Watching the English Defence League march on tv made me realise how wrong I was to dismiss them as an inarticulate whites-only hooligan gang populated by pitbull breeders, Sun readers, Tory voters and former guests on the Jeremy Kyle Show. But at least I'm admitting it now.

Imagine the Pitch.

After the novel's done (part 1 anyway--it's a trilogy now), I've decided I'm going to write a film where nothing happens except 2 people have nice talks & pet sheep & sigh alot as they smell flowers & look at pretty things in the morning.

Imagine the pitch.

Kettering Days: You Can't Be A Saint When Your Ego Is Bigger Than The World

I've had three people I used to work with in Kettering reject Facebook friend requests I sent them in the last year. And in 09 someone else I once felt particularly close to treated me like a complete stranger when I got her number (by fair means) and sent her a friendly text, trying to re-establish some form of communication.

Why do I want to, you might ask? Am I trying to fill in tremendous gaps in my life? Am I looking for a girlfriend? Am I dying and as in some as-yet-unmade (I presume)American weepie trying to atone for all my past mistakes? No to all of those questions, as far as I'm aware.

I am actually happier than I've ever been, with a woman who "meets me in cafeterias and loves me", as Ginsberg would say, and so much going on in my life I don't have time to keep up with it all.

But my recent illness probably has given me a different perspective on life. So has turning 45. (So has being happy.) I hope I may be finally maturing. And part of that maturi…


FLAG and MESSAGE are not verbs. You wait 'til I'm made King.

As A Stakeholder...

If the BBC wants to cut expenditure why doesn't it stop having 2 presenters, 1 newsreader, 1 weatherman, 1 travel person, 1 finance expert, 1 political correspondent, 1 film critic and 1 newspaper reviewer for every radio show rather than culling Radio Six and the Asian Network?