Thursday, September 14, 2006

There's No Shame In The Benjo, Boyo

L. and I talk a great deal about our stools. This causes some puzzlement and discomfort among people who know us--which, to be fair, increases our enjoyment of the discussions.

There's very little as satisfying as your morning poo, fellers. The shudder in the base of your spine that accompanies a good clear-out is a wonderful thing indeed.


domestic empire said...

It can actually be a good indicator of ones present state of health too.

I have to admit to a degree of paternal pride in some my evacuations. Especially the ones that appear to defy the laws of physics. All in all readers had better hope I never get around to buying that digital camera I promise myself.

(P.S. Yes I'm sure there are sites that exist but NO I don't want any links!)

Who would have predicted I'd jump straight on this topic eh? Predictable to the end!

Say what you will but we're all full of it!

Bruce Hodder said...

I'm glad someone else shares our sense of pride and satisfaction in the matter of bowel movements. L. predicted it would be so.