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Looking for Lucia Joyce

It occurred to me this morning that I can print off the Prajnaparamita and DiamondSutras rather than waiting for them to appear in book form (and being able to afford them). Then I can study them alongside my revision for the exams and my reading of James Joyce's Ulysses.

I'm up in Kingsthorpe now, though - 9a.m. Sunday morning, on a beautiful cool sunny day - to find (at last) the grave of Lucia, Joyce's daughter. I don't know why I've wanted to make this trip for so long - don't know why I've put it off for so long either - but here I am. I was thinking as I walked up from Semilong: how fitting this is, I have to walk for 45 minutes and then journey around Kingsthorpe Cemetery in circles with no guarantee of success, to locate physical evidence of Lucia, but her father I can pick up off my bookshelf.

On the way up, two Care Assistants with regulation cardigan over blue uniform sitting on the wall outside the E.P.H. smoking. Great anti-corporate image! Then …

Email to Sarah Uldall

Sarah Uldall is running for the Liberal Democrats in my ward in the local council elections in Northampton, U.K. on May 5th. Here is the email I am sending her after discovering unwanted LibDem campaign literature on my doormat when I came home yesterday.

6th April 2011
Dear Sarah Uldall,
Recently I left a note at my door asking for no Liberal Democrat newsletters or campaign leaflets to put through my letterbox. So imagine how disappointed I was to come home today and find another edition of your Focus on my doormat.
Please stop sending me this material. Quite apart from your rudeness in ignoring my original request, I do not read anything either you or your new ideological bedfellows the Conservative Party send, so you are wasting your time. It all goes straight into the bin.
As far as I am concerned the local Liberal Democrats are inseparable from the national Liberal Democrats; and your Westminster masters, after misrepresenting themselves and their agenda shamelessly to con disaffecte…