Friday, September 08, 2006

Unhappiness Is Relative

Most of the people I work with know my friend C. He worked at the same place before I did, and it seems everybody liked him. In fact, two of my colleagues, both attractive young women, have told me in the last month that they used to fancy him. I also hear a rumour that he is disproportionately blessed in the manhood department.

What the hell has he got to be depressed about?????!!!!!!!!!

We had barely entered the present decade the last time anybody told me I was attractive. And as gorgeous as that one was, she was also suicidally depressed and addicted to booze and pills. Lord knows how focussed the image was that she saw of me when she gazed into my eyes so admiringly.

The abiding memory I have of her is the day she vomited out of the car window while driving us through heavy traffic in the middle of Northampton. Gorgeous girl, but as deficient in sophistication as C. apparently is superfluous in cock.

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