Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Interesting how many more readers SP has acquired since I retired from my career as a genius.


Janey... said...

I for one can understand what the hell you're saying now!!! (That's meant kindly by the way...damn internet leaves so much for misinterpretation...)

I imagine others have found you speak the same language of the heart and soul too since you've come out of hiding...

Bruce Hodder said...

The reaction to the change in tack on these pages has been really enthusiastic, and very kind. Which is a lesson learned, since all I'm doing now is telling you what's going on in my world, without any attempt to be clever or to impress.

All of us think the same things, deep down, when all of our defences and our bullshit, which we project because we feel so alone, get laid aside. Imagine how much time and pain we would save if we just learned to be straight with each other from the off.