Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rorie South

Is anybody out there in contact with Rorie South, author of the blog The Revolution Starts Here ? (http://therevolutionaryliveshere.blogspot.com ) Rorie's been a visitor to Suffolk Punch in the past, illuminating the page with great vitality, warmth and humour. But just lately on her own blog things have been rough, and they're getting rougher. The last post, made a few days ago, sounds almost like a suicide note. And since then we've heard nothing. I only know Rorie through the blogs, but I have to admit I'm concerned. Can anybody reassure us that she's okay? Can Rorie herself? Let us know if you're still out there kid. And if you are and this embarrasses the hell out of you, serves you right for worrying us!! (ha ha ha).


Rorie South said...

Oh damn it.

Now I am so embarrassed!!!


Bruce Hodder said...

Don't worry about it. You think I don't feel a fool writing some of the things I have written here?

Let me know if you want this post wiped now we know you're okay, and I'll gladly wipe it.