Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New Poetry By Yours Truly

Readers may (or may not) be pleased to know that the author of this blog has begun writing poetry again after a long lay-off. These new efforts have been posted at Blue Fred's Kitchen (see links section), where a site redesign is underway. The layout you will find there if you visit tonight is not necessarily the one we'll settle on, but it will do as a stand-by until I can make up my mind. Anyway, poetry lovers, why are you still here?


Bobby said...


I went and read some of your poems, and I'm overwhelmed. You seem to be an all-around poet - lots of tools in your shed. You’ve got various forms you work in (great rhymed stuff). I’m still taking it in. The first few that I read were such vivid, personal snap shots. And then there was great nature imagery. You lay these situations out so clearly - it feels like I could step right into them. I’m going to keep reading your stuff and taking it in.

You sure are cranking out the prose on SP moreover. I wish I could keep up. My current job has a zero tolerance internet policy. I tell you - I have had some temp jobs where I could just go on the internet all damned day. That is all I would do is blog. I hope I get an assignment like that again soon. I do so much writing and blogging when the man lightens up my work load.

I’ll catch you later.

Bruce Hodder said...

God, thanks B., compliments are the lifeblood of rampant egotists like me--though on "Blue Fred's Kitchen" I think poets like my own personal hero Ronald Baatz put me in my rightful place. He's a genius, not that he would recognise that, or admit it if he knew!

I don't even have a computer at my work--which is res. care for people with brain injury--but it's probably a good thing, because I'd never do any work if I had internet access. I do all my posting from home. I'm addicted to it--I think on Suffolk Punch.I even have the site up when friends are around so I can see when comments come in (sad f**ker)--although posting is a very private experience. Can't get into the protective thinking bubble when I'm in company.