Monday, August 14, 2006

You Might Have Wondered

You might have wondered (equally you might not), what an intelligent, socially aware blogger is doing writing about text insult exchanges and the pleasures of singing outside when terrorists are threatening to bomb planes out of the skies over England, and the world is waiting with its breath held to see what happens with the ceasefire between Israel and Hizbollah. Have I failed to notice these things? Don't I appreciate their seriousness? Do I believe my little corner of the world won't be touched by the horror?

My political statement, if it can be called a statement, is smallness. The people who are living their lives, loving their friends and families, going to work, buying their groceries, hanging out listening to music, smoking in the park under their favourite tree, hugging a schoolmate in the shopping centre--these are the ones who are wise, these are the visionaries holding society together despite the efforts of the big thinkers and powerbrokers to rip it apart. Big ideas come from the dark places of the heart where the unacknowledged goal is the elevation of oneself at the expense of everybody else.

Catch yourself thinking, as Allen Ginsberg says, then stop. Go out into the park with your dog and throw a stick for her to fetch.


domestic empire said...

Bruce, I couldn't agree more.

Bruce Hodder said...

Perhaps I should have included in my list of peacemakers and world-savers, "People who sit in dark rooms playing records by Belgian art students dying of TB," eh Gary?

Rorie South said...

My problems stem from thinking too much. I'll try and heed that advice you posted "Catch yourself thinking then STOP"

Very wise idea! Thank you!

Bruce Hodder said...

Of course, by thinking it and then writing it down I was being a bit of a cheat!