The Many Bruces

If you feel you have detected a change in tone on SUFFOLK PUNCH recently, it's for a simple reason. There are numerous Bruce Hodders, and the usual administrator of the site, who's known as Poet Bruce in the fading, semi-dilapidated building the Bruces all share, is currently away. He didn't say where he was going (likes to make himself appear mysterious), but the other Bruces believe he's taken a vacation to recharge his batteries. He's probably staying in the heart of London, somewhere near Charing Cross Road, the bookshop capital of the world, where the ghosts of the British Underground still walk with loose sheaves of poetry under their arms.
Poet Bruce does this sometimes, and when he comes back he's usually the better for it, both as company to the other Bruces and as administrator on this site.
In his absence S.P. is being looked after by Musical Bruce, Holy Philosophiser Bruce and Simple Human Brother Bruce. We know that you can see the joins on the site, but hope you'll find the greater variety of reading enjoyable while Poet Bruce is away.
(Simple Human Brother )


Ralph Murre said…
He contains multitudes, the Hodder boy does, the sacred and the profane. How can it be that they all write so well?

Just wondering,
Ralph, Arem, Little Eagle, Van Ro, and the gang
Bruce Hodder said…
Thanks to all of you--another great little gang of scribblers.