Monday, August 14, 2006

ANGEL HEAD Suspended

I am suspending production of "Angel Head", my online poetry magazine, until further notice. Why? Wasn't moving to the internet supposed to answer all of the cost and production problems of the previous print magazines?
Well, yes, and it did. But one thing even the internet can't do is stop the editor of a poetry magazine from getting bored editing it.
I have lost interest in publishing poetry to an almost fantastic degree. I'm not getting submissions and I have no desire at all to go out and pursue more. Apart from the poets I know and enjoy, there's no one out there I like enough to publish. I have drifted too far away from the scene to view it with anything other than a stifled yawn. I haven't even written a poem for three weeks.
The sort of discourse I have on the blog is more interesting to me. There's no posturing here. No trying to write in someone else's voice. No shaping of what you want to say as marketable product. You just open your mouth (via your typing finger), and say your piece. Then real people answer you. Then you answer them. Conversation over thousands of miles. The ego offering itself for examination, even improvement.
If my desire to produce another "Angel Head" returns, I'll let you know here. Until then click the St. Vitus link in the Reading Room to get your poetry fix.


Ralph Murre said...

read this days ago . . . could not, then, and cannot, now, find the right words to express my understanding, and more, my gratitude that you bothered to do it in the first place. you served us well.

my glass of econobeer raised, etc., etc.

Bruce Hodder said...

Thanks Ralph. I'm not sure I deserve your kind words, but thanks.