Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The New Wisdom Is The Same As The Old

Some of the things I've been learning lately were actually known to me a long time ago, and then forgotten. Like my realisation that the most important source of happiness and understanding is the connections you make to other people. I knew that when I was 17. I was at the centre of a group of kids at Tresham College who spent every day together, went boozing together, visited each other's was like "Dawson's Creek" with less talking, and no creek. At the time I had a dream that we would all be together into old age: weird, smelly old eccentrics in wheelchairs celebrating a lifetime of friendship.

Which didn't happen. And somehow after that whole scene collapsed, I became a loner not only in my social life, but emotionally too: when I found myself in lively social scenes again in the following years the fun never lasted because in my mind I was never really a part of it, and I didn't love or respect my friends enough.

Interesting that when I met L. and T. and turned the last corner in my life, I wound up back where I started.

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