Friendship And Love

Speaking of it being so hard to tell who's going to love you the best (see the previous post), I received a really nice email circular from a friend of mine in celebration of National Friendship Week last night. You may think that sounds a bit too Michael Landon, but I like such things these days.
However, in the email it was predicted that the love of my life was going to realise they loved me at midnight last night. I haven't seen any evidence of that yet. If they were going to realise they love me, they must know me already, mustn't they? And I haven't detected a change of demeanour in anybody I know--not yet. The woman I would like it to be certainly hasn't trapped me in her arms and declared her undying love.
The email also predicated that something would happen between 1 and 4pm today that would blow my mind and change my world forever. If it did I missed it, though this is entirely possible with me. I was at work till 2pm, in the supermarket (alone) by 2.30pm, on the bus home at 3pm and asleep on my sofa drooling by 4pm. All of which I have done dedicatedly for years, so no world-change there.
Shame. I wouldn't mind a world change. And I certainly wouldn't say no to love. You can call me a romantic but it's the only thing that seems to matter to me anymore.