Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Changing Jobs

Next week I change jobs. I have been trying to leave my present place for a while, for reasons I probably shouldn't go into here (I saw something on GMTV the other day about a blogger who was dismissed from her job for bringing her employer into disrepute); but getting a job outside the company has proven more difficult than I expected. So I'm transferring within the company to another care home.

Change is good. It stimulates and refreshes. But I'm going to miss working every day with L. She's my closest friend and seeing her every day (except at weekends, when we talk on the phone), has been one of my great pleasures of recent months. I'm not worried about the change in our circumstances affecting our friendship, but it will be hard not to have her in the next room when I'm at work and I need to have a laugh or a good talk. There will be other people, but there's no one quite like L.

You can look on the time you spent somewhere as a success if you have someone there to miss when you leave.


Bobby said...

We spend so much of our time at work. And on the way to work. And getting ready for work. And then winding down from work.

I heard that if you get canned for talking about work on your blog it's called 'dooced,' after the blogger named

May you have happy and free internet navigations in your new work world, my friend.

Bruce Hodder said...

Thanks, Bobby. I go with a heavy heart in a way because of L., but I'm sure it will be okay. And the threat of being dooced won't stop me churning out all this, for whatever that promise is worth...

domestic empire said...

Knowing the little I do about you young man, this is surely something that had to happen.

I think the change will be a positive step and possibly in ways that perhaps are not initially appreciated.

Good luck :-D

Bruce Hodder said...

Yes D., it had to happen, as I've tried insanity and murder is frowned upon.

Thanks for the good wishes.