Monday, August 14, 2006

True Freedom

True freedom is singing outside without worrying about nervous looks from strangers.

If I feel good, I sing. It interrupts the flow of my happy thoughts if I have to stop the lyrics of "New Morning" or some old Northern Soul classic bursting from my mouth just because I'm walking down the hill in Wilby and not standing in my shower.

I must be getting old. But if I am, I rather like it.


Rorie South said...

I have a self-help book which suggested what you have just said but also "Skip for 2 blocks in the CBD"

or "Wear a funny bowtie"

It's actually supposed to help with our self-esteem and assertiveness.


(btw I'm liking your blog very much if you can tell by the amount of comments, heh)

Bruce Hodder said...

What's a CBD? I like the idea of skipping for two blocks but I'd like to know where I'm going.

A funny bowtie? Well, I bought "Pirates of the Caribbean" dog tags at the Disney Store when I left work after a really horrible shift today. Would that count?

I'm going to wear them at work until sweating into them turns my neck green.

Rorie South said...

CBD = Central Business District, the main shopping centre of a place, like downtown?

Dog Tags! That is an excellent idea! I wish you well, let me know what happens!

Bruce Hodder said...

Oh, Central Business District!

The dog tags had an interesting effect. Everybody started saying I was a pirate, though nobody got it when I said I was Pontius the Pirate. I have been promised a parrot for my leaving present when I start a new job in a week or two.

I don't know about where you work, but that passes for humour in my place.