A Bet

I'd bet my hand of friendship against your apocalypse any day, brother.
It's you guys who want to create great monuments to yourselves--you guys who deal in majestic abstractions--who create our 9/11s, our Iraq invasions, our London bombings, our Lebanons. It's you thinkers and philosophers and theologians and argufiers who are tearing up the world and making life hard for everyone.
While you're busy doing that I'll just hang out in the kitchen or sit on the front step, learn to smile and mean it, listen when other people are talking, appreciate my friends.
I'll get small.
They say the breeze is really cool down here.


Bobby said…
Right on.
Ralph Murre said…
Yay, Bruce!
Sharon Auberle said…
send a copy of this to Bush, Blair, the pope, Hezbollah, blah, blah, blah..
you have world peace in a nutshell.