One Bath

One bath
after another--
how stupid

The most mistranslated haiku of them all of course, because it's not really about personal hygiene, but he's got a point, even if that isn't what he meant. A house you only have to paint every five to seven years (according to a tv show I saw). But the human body needs an incredible degree of maintenance to keep it externally pleasing. Every morning you've got to wash it, shave it, deoderise it, brush it, dress it. If you don't it deteriorates so quickly, you become a public nuisance, and your fellow human beings will reject you. How stupid, as the haiku writer says, given our fancy notions about our dominion over all creation.


Bobby said…
You can only keep
the dirt off while
you have a heart beat

-- Wow, now that's some happy talk, huh? I should read more haikus. To be able to pack such content into such a short blast ...
Bruce Hodder said…
It's one of Poet Bruce's favourite forms.