My Essay Published By The ULA

I have part one of a new essay called ABANDONED BY AUNTIE published on the main website of the Underground Literary Alliance ( ) today. I don't normally brag about my publications here, but for some reason I'm particularly proud of this one. Go over and have a look. And while you're there, check out the links to members own sites. The ULA has a roster of some of the best new writers in America.


Holly said…
Bah! Now I have to wait until next week to finish reading that!

I forgot about the Licensing scheme over there. There was a story about that in our family in scotland, but it's so old and long ago now, I forget what it was.

We're lucky we have free television here, although we get a truckload of advertisements.

(hanging out for next installment bruce!)
Bruce Hodder said…
I'm glad you went over and gave it a read.The next one's even more gripping! (Of course, I have to say that, don't I?)

If the licence fee in Britain produced better programmes I'd be all for it, but it doesn't. The best shows are nearly all on the other channels. Okay, the Beeb gave us "The Office" and "The Royle Family" but I reckon that was just a happy coincidence. The rest of what they produce is shite.
Bobby said…
Sweet, man!
Anonymous said…
That's awesome, Bruce!!!
Bruce Hodder said…
Thanks, guys.Maybe I should brag more often!