Photog Leo Kulinski Jr, whose "Whales & Wolves" site ( ) is one of the finest on the web, has ventured into print with a new mini-book, "Veronica The Red-Tailed Hawk". Veronica, a real hawk, has been living in the environs of the White Memorial Foundation in Litchfield, CT, USA since May 2004; this book collects some beautiful colour photographs of V. in the locality and presents them alongside facts, comments and even a haiku, about hawks. So, not unlike Leo's website, actually, but there's something more satisfying about holding the photos and related facts in your hands rather than staring at them on a flat screen. It gives them an added life and substance, showing just how good a photographer Leo is. How's he get a hawk to look mean/ bad tempered/ thoughtful/ funny? Answer: that's what all animals are like--a complicated mixture of contradictory states and emotions-- just like all human beings. But it takes a true artist and a thinker moreover, to see it.
Go to the site for details on how to purchase the book. And while you're there have a good poke around. Your day will be so much the better for it, I guarantee.