Duct Tape Poetry

You can see, should you be so inclined, three of my poems at a rather bizarre--but brilliant--site dedicated to (ahem) duct tape. No, really. It features poems about "stickyback plastic", which is either a gimmick or a fetish--but at least it's different from all the others.
How did I get involved? Well, the people who run the site--the Duct-Tape Guys, as they're called--circulated a request for submissions via Norbert Blei, and I thought, Oh, why not? These guys look like fun. So I wrote three in five minutes (oddly I had no poems about tape in the files), and sent them off without sitting on them even a moment. Generally this is a bad habit of mine and it earns me a pile of rejection slips much higher than those of my wiser contemporaries. But this time it worked out okay. I've even earned myself a gratis duct tape bumper sticker, according to the email I got last night!
Still, if Ralph Murre (who also has one on there), gets into the duct tape anthology and I don't I'm going to be mightily fed up! Poetry is not about hearing the Music of the Spheres, it's about competition...