The New Smoking Ban

News this morning reports that the Blair Government is now proposing a ban on smoking in open spaces where people might gather, such as bus stops, taxi ranks--God knows where else. I don't smoke, and I spend a lot of time at bus stops, but heavens, what kind of puritanical nightmare nanny state are we blundering into? I don't appreciate having other people proscribing my freedoms. So you don't approve of smoking? Stop taking vast taxes on it for the government coffers: talk about the wages of death! I don't approve of uncouth people shouting for my attention from other rooms, other offices, than the one I'm in. I don't approve of people who boast about their low intelligence as if nothing else were acceptable socially. I don't approve of people who vote Conservative. I don't approve of judgemental Christians putting down homosexuals. Can I make all of these illegal? Or must I own a suit before I get to foist my prejudices on the country and get to disguise the act as being for the public good?


Anonymous said…
Get used to the Nanny states's everywhere