splake Back in the Blue Fred Village

Blue Fred's Kitchen today has the first of a new batch of poems and writings by t.kilgore splake. Hit the button in the Reading Room to see what he has to say for himself.
Oh, and pay no attention to the Barbaric Yawp reviewer who claimed that t.k.s. is beginning to repeat himself. He's mistaking STAMP of originality for LACK of originality. splake has a very distinctive voice poetically and--like all of us--certain themes he returns to over and over again. But he's exploring his themes from different angles, with more depth and flavour, more humour,more honesty,better technical understanding, than before. Which is probably what turned off at least that one critic. I see the emergence of a new poet, actually, in the recent poems and books, and I like the new poet a lot.
But that's just an aside. The writing speaks for itself, and it's waiting for you at The Other Place.