John Peel Every Day

Now this site is a brilliant idea. It's a celebration of the life and work of John Peel, but as it should with that laudable remit, it tells us what's happening with--and what has happened to--all the bands and poets John promoted through the years. So the exhaustive search through the interesting underbelly of musical--and cultural--Britain (and the world), continues despite the passing of the bloke who initiated it. I was in a curious state of mourning as I approached the end of John and Sheila's book because I didn't want the Peel-related fun and creative stimulation to finish. Now it doesn't have to!

PS A moment of irony that Peel himself would have appreciated: just as I finished writing that I turned to see who was making all the noise on the tv behind me and there were TONY BLACKBURN and KEITH CHEGWIN doing an extremely unfunny comedy routine dressed up as the Blues Brothers. So little has changed. And this afternoon, since I have nowhere else I need to be (how civilised), I'll be switching on "Deal Or No Deal" with its recently resurrected and surprisingly lifelike host NOEL EDMONDS. That, John, I have to confess I like, though saying so doesn't feel quite right. And they're giving away £10,000. If I can win that (web entry is free), I'll be able to give up work and stay home reading poetry all day, at least until the money runs out.


domestic empire said…
You are clearly a man possesed of a uniquely refined sense of taste there Bruce!

Bruce Hodder said…
Thank you! (Perhaps I should inform the reader that domestic empire, though he's too modest to tell you himself, is the man behind the John Peel site. And long may he continue.)