Tipping the Velvet

Norb Blei reports, after the publication of my poem "Power Cut" in his Poetry Dispatch (# 76, I believe), that one correspondent (a woman, I hasten to add) thought it was more the sort of poem a woman would write because the narrator is baking pies and longing for love. Sounds an absurd claim at first hearing, but I know what she means: creativity and yearning, especially on the domestic front, aren't elements we usually find in male poetry.
Hmm, hmm, as splake says. It's amusing, though, that a poem of mine would be considered female in outlook given the number of times I've been accused of misogyny.
I'm no misogynist, for the record. I don't like to discriminate. I'm a full-on card-carrying hardcore misanthrope, and proud of it.