Today, according to an item on the tv, is National Tell The Truth Day. Everybody is encouraged to quit their lying ways for one day and tell it like it is.
Hmm. Most human intercourse is based on lies and b***s***. That's why I prefer the company of animals and birds.
If I told the truth I would lose my job this afternoon, and there would be nobody to save me as I lost my house and descended into penury and homelessness. Because do you know what poets and poet friends? I hate my goddamn job. The work bores me two footsteps shy of suicide, and I wouldn't trust 96% of my colleagues as far as I could throw them. And my manager is a uncouth bully whose voice alone grates so fantastically on my nerves, I have to have a packet of paracetamol handy every time we're in the building together for more than twenty consecutive minutes.
That is the truth.
You might say why not just get another job if I hate it so much. I agree with you. And I have been trying to do that for a while now (so far without success). But the truth is, I don't want to work at all. I know it's inevitable in this rotten, ridiculous, spiritually- and morally-bankrupt system we labour under, but I don't care. I still don't want to do it.
Trying telling that to a future employer. Why do you want this job, Mr. Hodder? I DON'T want the job; I'd rather soak my own head in a bucket full of maneating fish than do this job, but I need money.
What people really want to hear is THEIR truth reflected back at them. When you do that you'll find yourself regarded with great respect, and love.


Ralph Murre said…
On the money, I think, until your last paragraph.

WHAT PEOPLE WANT - is it not to believe thir own lies? To have their mythologies go unquestioned?
Bruce Hodder said…
Hang on, maybe I'm tired, but isn't that same thing looked at from a different angle? Hmm, hmm. What do I know? Never write in a bad mood five minutes before going to work, people.
Ralph Murre said…
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Ralph Murre said…
I still feel that there may be a subtle difference between "their truth" and "their lies", but, perhaps, I did not correctly interpret your intent.

I am, almost certainly, being waaay tooo picky. Sorry.

Maybe we're both tired.
Bruce Hodder said…
More likely I am unable to read the fine distinction because of a lack of subtlety in my own thinking! How like me to believe truth and lies are the same thing, only reversed...
I shouldn't credit other people with my own sociopathic tendencies. I keep saying I want the truth but what I really want is to impose my own on everybody else.Sagittarian, you see. And half German.
Bruce Hodder said…
By the way, it's great to have you back at the site, Ralph.