d.a.levy Event Coming To A Cleveland Near You

Those appalling malcontents at the ULA have announced a summer event in Cleveland, home of America's least appreciated great poet d.a.levy. Details aren't available yet--if it's anything like the "Howl" event things will happen spontaneously, however specific the advanced planning might be--but it will all definitely be centred around levy and the unrivalled body of great work he left behind in little mimeographed magazines the day he decided to end it all in the mid-Sixties.
What was it Pasternak said about Mayakovsky's suicide? Something about the pistol shot echoing through the foothills of cowardice? levy's pistol shot echoed through the foothills of bad poetry and whistled around the gables of herd-following editors. The ULA won't be able to get him the attention he deserves--levy should be sold in every bookstore alongside Kerouac--but it will get him more attention than he's had so far.