Appreciate These Men While You Have Them (II)

On sale now: Bryn Fortey's new collection "The Jazz Files: Fiction Poetry Comment", which collects, as you would imagine, jazz-related poetry and prose Bryn has published in various magazines and anthologies including CONNECTIONS, GLOBAL TAPESTRY JOURNAL and MINESHAFT (who were always rude and off-hand with me). You can get it for a mere £3 from 212 Caerleon Road, Newport, South Wales NP19 7GQ, UK.
I'm not going to review it because Bryn was always my biggest supporter in the poetry community--a few times his continued interest stopped me from quitting the public side of the game altogether (I could no more stop writing than I could give up blinking). So anything I say is going to be biased and any shortcomings I might detect I'll pretend I haven't seen. What I will tell you is that Bryn has been a giant on the UK small press scene for a VERY long time, and latterly the premier selecter/ promoter of sharp creative underground poetry in the UK. I have learned from him, but I don't have his radical ear. Something of the edge has gone forever now he has stepped out of the publishing game.