What You Do With Your Doo-Doo & How God Regards It

It amazed and intrigued me to meet someone who genuinely believed that it was wrong to have sex (or "fornicate" as she puts it), outside of marriage. I've heard about such peculiar folk, but I've never met one before! And it was even harder to find I was developing a schoolboy crush on one of them.
Well, that has to stop, for a start. I like the idea of marriage, though I've never been married--not legally anyway. But I don't like the idea of holding back the water until God sanctifies a dam!-- especially since I'm not even convinced there is a God. My bohemian training encourages me to gratify my desires as they arise; and I can't see anything immoral in that, since my desires only run to sex with a consenting adult, alcohol and the occasional tab--none of which are likely to bring down civilisation.
Perhaps it would be different if I had Heaven, as she does. Perhaps God makes sense of abstinence.
After all, she is the one who wakes up in the morning glad to be alive. She is the one who's survived painful divorce and the death of her father and her best friend all in one year, and still feels a sense of gratitude for her home, her family, her surviving friends, her life. Mr. Smart-Alec Permanently-Gratified Bohemian hasn't woken up in a good mood for twenty-five years.