New (this is just)

"this is just to say" (tm)

in unseemly haste
to blow off
the stress of
this week, and
my adolescent crush
on her, i
sucked the filter
right out
of the tab
that you and i
were sharing
when you went
indoors to
use the benjo.
i went right
down my throat
as well, like
a fly committing
suicide. it wasn't
some marijuana
joke that struck
my funny bone
and made me
laugh until i
choked. it was
the filter from
your cigarette--
which is why
you dropped it
when i passed
it back. your fingers
were touching
pure hot roach
with no retarding
barrier. that's
a bit like how
it feels with her
i thought, quite
pleased with
the image, and
resolving i
would write it
down like this
as soon as i
got home.