The Blair/ Bush Recording

How much like a hesitant, near-scared adviser in the palace of a crazy dictator did Tony Blair sound in the candid recording of his conversation with George Bush at G8, released by the world media today? Logical, intelligent, condescending almost, and obviously afraid of Bush's disapproval, as if he would be ass-kicked out of the palace and shot later on in some rainy alley if he said the wrong thing.
How much like an arrogant, intellectually limited redneck on his front porch beneath an American flag with an AK-47 on his lap did George Bush sound in the same conversation? No analysis, no nuances in the thinking, just bloated posturing for the benefit of someone he obviously regards as an inferior.
Blair's relationship with Bush has done more harm to his reputation in Britain and abroad than even the occupation of Iraq. And now the Dynamic Duo want to make war with Iran?