Activity will slow down on this blog for the next week and a half as I have to go on holiday with my work. We're all trooping off to Somerset for a week. Yippee, as Bob Dylan would say.
I don't want to go. I've never been to Somerset, but I'd rather not discover it for the first time on a date and at a location chosen by somebody else; and in the company of people I wouldn't normally socialise with--nice as some of them are. It is a contractual obligation, however, so I'm stuck!
Ungrateful swine, do I hear you say? It's a free holiday! Well, yes. And I'm sure there will be some laughs while we're there. I may even get some writing done, when I go wandering lonely as a cloud on my days off.
But can I really live for that long without access to my computer?
Going cold turkey from blogging and word processing I may be a nervous wreck by the end of next week.
Btw, anybody who thinks they might take my absence from the Lookout as an opportunity to break in and rob me--don't even try it. There are dangers here you wouldn't even believe. And my neighbour will shoot your legs off.