So many people I know have grumbled and complained their way through this heatwave, resenting every day of good summer weather as if it were a personal imposition. And sometimes the complaining is truly bitter and resentful. Their only memories of this beautiful season are going to be of sweat, sleepless nights, loss of appetite, flies...
I was thinking about this as as I rode home on the bus tonight. I had bought Johnny Cash's autobiography just before I caught the bus. After I'd finished thinking about these people hating every moment of '06 heat I opened the Cash book and found, in the opening pages, Johnny listing all of the things he is thankful for. And though you could dismiss a gesture like that as rather cheesy, how much more preferable it is to look at your life as a gift rather than considering everything that happens an insult to your dignity and your natural right to occupy a throne and be worshipped by all. We're all going to die. Right? Would you rather die thinking how beautiful the rabbits were on the hill outside your window, or cursing because your old lady put too much starch in your underwear last night? Negative people may think they're cleverer than everybody else, but in truth they're a real f****** bringdown.