New t.kilgore splake feature at Empty Mirror

                                                    photo copyright t.kilgore splake

Today at Empty Mirror you can find an essay/ feature/ review (call it what you will) on poet t. kilgore splake written by yours truly. I'm proud of that as a piece of writing, so with any luck one or two readers will like it too. I also feel (God this sounds like an acceptance speech at the BAFTAs) extremely flattered that Empty Mirror have taken another thing by me, after they published the piece on Ray Manzarek. It isn't often that you find your work the main feature, or one of them, in something you'd read for fun.

splake is someone I've known for a long time, so although I don't blow smoke up his rear end in the piece, nobody should expect Truman Capote-style bitchy criticism either. I like him too much for that; and the work doesn't deserve it anyway. It's a shrinking world when it comes to good poets and individualists, and t.k.splake manages to be both with a dedication that makes most of us look like we're just not serious. Try the article. See what you think.