Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Back to the money job today after 13 quiet, beautiful, instructive days off. Now I have to try to hold onto the peace of mind and the renewed focus I've found with all of the pressures and distractions of the job tugging me away from them. Well, if I really want to stay on the path I will, right? All I've got to do is sit squarely on the ox of my mind and make him go where I want him to. Which is easier said than done, but that really is all it boils down to.

As for the job itself--I can't really resent having to do it, much as that tempts you after two weeks of blissful silence and serene meditation. The job is what buys you the space to find the peace inside, after all.


Holly said...

The job is also what sends you off to therapy twice a week

(aka me lol)

have fun at work!

I'll sing 9 to 5 - Dolly Parton for you

Bruce Hodder said...

Yeah, "it's all taking and no giving"--they got it right there, whoever wrote the song for Dolly.

What put me in therapy was having a crazy sister, a mother inconsiderate enough to die on me and a married girlfriend.

Well, those were the things I blamed.