Thursday, August 28, 2008


I've been to Leicester today. Wanted to go somewhere I hadn't been for a while to calm my mind down again after all the tension I picked up yesterday at work. Seems to have been successful as well, since I don't presently want to shoot anybody.
I thought, since it was also pay day, it would be nice to be in a bigger place where more of the things I wanted to buy were available. But I was forgetting myself. I don't really want anything! Just the odd book by Philip Whalen or Gary Snyder or Han Shan or Li Po that you can't get in any English bookshops anyway (that's why Buddha willed the internet into existence, right?) So I haven't returned from Leicester with anything except a clearer mind than I had when I went out this morning. But that's got to be more important than anything else, I think. Without a clear mind there's no escape even in sleep.
Lunch in the park in Leicester town centre, a few feet away from this waterfall, across from the town hall where a black man and a white woman were celebrating just having married in the registry office, was the thing that clinched my return to some measure of sanity.As you can see from the picture it was a beautiful morning. I wish I'd also got a photo of the pigeons cooing around my feet hoping I'd drop a scrap of my Mexican bean wrap.


All This Trouble... said...

What a beautiful spot to get one's shit together.

Bruce Hodder said...

Isn't it? I wonder if Joe Orton ever sat there before he escaped to a better life in London and Kenneth Halliwell murdered him?

All This Trouble... said...

If he didn't, maybe he should've.