Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sport And Politics: The Olympics Are Here

According to the New Statesman, 209 people have been murdered by the Chinese Government or their jack-booted thug lackeys since Beijing was awarded the Olympics. But sport and politics don't mix, do they, so what does it matter?

The BBC's Olympic coverage is going to be linked with a long animation featuring characters from the classic of Chinese literature, Monkey (which was also a rather fabulous tv show many Chinese moons ago). I don't think it'll feature Chairman Mao accidentally murdering millions with a dangerous and unworkable agricultural policy or Buddhist temples being destroyed and statues being melted down in Tibet by Communist soldiers; I can't see it depicting the forced sterilisation of Tibetan women when they go into hospital with a urine infection or a broken toe either. That might be just a little bit too much for the overweight narcotised armchair athletes to swallow after they've had to endure an episode of the spectacularly banal daytime soap opera Doctors while they wait for all that thrilling running and jumping.

But sport and politics don't mix, so why would they show all that angst from so long ago or in a country that doesn't produce anything useless for the West to consume anyway?

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