Friday, August 08, 2008


She sees her friend in the street, rushes towards her with a squeal of joy, opening her arms. Inches away from her friend, who is mirroring her movements and her pleasure, she stops, turns her head, sneezes, giggles, then jumps into the other girl's arms.

Later she waits outside Sainsbury's smoking a cigarette in the rain, talking aimatedly to her friend from earlier. She sees a boy walking out of the car park towards her. "Jude!" she shouts. A smile seems to consume his entire face as he realises who's calling him. She chucks away her cigarette and opens her arms theatrically."Hug me, you big black bastard!"


Holly said...

sounds like myself when I'm in a happy sort of mania.

Bruce Hodder said...

You know, when I was a kid we didn't do this hugging thing that seems so prevalent among the cooler sort of teenager. We thought such things were soft and sentimental. Now when I see it I'm sort of envious of their emotional freedom and openness. It will lead to good relationships, I reckon.(Yes, this IS me saying something nice and positive. I don't know where it came from either.)