Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Well, I've just learned that I'm going to be featured as "Poet of the Week" sometime soon at the OUTSIDER WRITERS website. I'm also going to be featured in my local magazine BARTON TODAY, after writing to the editor Colin and telling him, somewhat bumptiously, that they had a bona fide poet in their midst. Faint heart never won fair maiden, right? It's the right time for these things to happen because I've recently found a renewed focus and energy in my writing and my sense of myself as a poet, so maybe these developments will help that new vigour and self-confidence to continue for a while.

The other interesting development is that I've just received a lot of new material from Kerouac biographer Gerald Nicosia about his latest adventures in the strange and internecine world of the Beat Estates. These will shortly be appearing on the resurrected BEATNIK site (

For now, however, I'm not accepting any other submissions to Beatnik. Got so much from Nicosia to work through I want to focus my limited time at the computer on that.

Gerry reports that he is planning a biography of Ntozake Shange. A fantastic idea, I think. Anyone else agree that it's time her story was told?

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tom said...

great news on the outsiders and local

and yes, be nice to see what nicosia does with her life - not real familiar with her story -