Monday, September 10, 2007


In the mail today I received the new chapbook by Bryn Fortey. It's called "LYRICS BY...The Unrecorded Works of Bryn Fortey" and it's a selection, minus musical charts, of some of the best songs he has written over the years, with a succession of songwriting partners, including his late son Jim. Bryn, for those of you who don't know him, is famously self-effacing, and the self-penned introduction suggests his songwriting has been little more than the hobby of a man without talent; but it's not true. Like many an artist, perhaps, he didn't catch the breaks. But what I've read so far impresses me. I don't want to print his home address all over the internet but if anybody's interested in getting hold of a copy of the book, leave me a message and I'll email you how. It'll only set you back £3.

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Anonymous said...

Bryn, it's Peter Rowan here, I used to do a fanzine and we talked on the phone once. Can I include 'Prison' in my new one? Hope you're well mate, speak soon I hope.