Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Beatnik Wants To Show His Face Again

I've been thinking just lately that it would be nice to reanimate the dormant BEATNIK. We were going great guns there for a while, attracting high quality poets and writers to the page. Then my move came and disrupted normal internet service. I am, for reasons detailed in earlier posts, typing these entries from libraries and internet cafes and I may have to be doing that for some time yet. So obviously I only have a limited amount of time at the computer. If I were a rich man I could sit at the computer all day. But I don't have a lot of money and I have to spend half my time working to acquire the money I've got. And some of the submissions I was playing with--well, all of them--presented difficulties when it came to the cut-and-paste process that only long and patient labour would have surmounted. You know how it is if you've tried it. You paste a well-spaced poem and it reproduces on the new page as one long sentence that you have to arduously chop up again.

And there was the small problem that I lost several quality submissions that were sitting in my email inbox when I changed internet providers (well, when I ditched the one I had to save money).

But the urge to put Blue Fred to work in some way remains. Anybody know how I can kill those cut-and-paste deveils so the process of posting a poet's submissions doesn't take longer than a beleaguered editor can afford?


Ralph Murre said...

a thought -

if a new blog was begun; and would-be contributers, after having passed your rigorous examination were given the password to that blog, they could post their own.

honor among beats? yeah, I think so.

could a person who had the password give it to his friend? only under penalty of of being spurned by the community. yeah, but what if she was great looking AND a helluva poet? a possible exception might be made. could a person (who had the password) post the poem of a friend? uh, sure, I guess so, if it's a good poem and proper credit is given and she's great looking.

would you still be editor? more like guiding light, I think.

- R.

tom said...

go for it!

Anonymous said...

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