Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Vices

The Vices

A couple of people have very kindly invited me to join them at the local gym recently. Unfortunately when they did I very unkindly laughed in their faces. To one I said, "I'm devoted to ruining my body, not building it." She looked rather concerned at that, as if it were a public admission of some private pain. A cry for help.

No. I am just a passionate believer in the vices. As Hunter Thompson said, more or less, "I don't mean to advocate alcohol, drugs, insanity and violence, but they've always worked for me."


tom said...

Good quote. My wife talks about us joining a gym. Public physical activity just doesn't appeal to me. I'm up in the vertin watching the meter cop looking at bicycles for sale in front of a store across the road - for a minute i thougt he was going to ticket them - but i guess he was just thinking it might be easier to bike around town - as small as this town is it seems strange that we have to pay to park - not friendly to the tourists we depend on - oh,well, my parking is free behind the building -

Bruce Hodder said...

Yeah, strange you have to pay to park when you pay taxes to live there. Modern life is a mess. Needs to start all over again.