Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Not much to post here because I've been writing for the OUTSIDERS website these last few days. I haven't been submitting for a while, but now I think I might get into it again, see if the discipline of knowing an editor will have to critique my work helps to sharpen it up for me.

I've also been theorising with getting a video uploaded, since a visual element to your work helps raise awareness of who you are, fix an image of you in the public imagination. Look at the success splake has had with that, though he's a born myth-maker anyway. (In fact, watching him in THE CLIFFS and LE METROP and A DAY IN THE LIFE is what has got me thinking in this direction.) But no definite plans yet; and like so many of my plans it may fall by the way as the course of my energy changes.

Anyway, the poems will be presented here once they've either been a) published, or b) spat on, by those delightful people at OUTSIDER WRITERS. In the meantime, do you want to talk about football?


tom said...

hell, send me some poems - going to put together another quickzine soon - Emily and the Bad Tattoo - ya - the video route is a good one with youtube, etc. - and splake has done a good job with his videos - myth making and all - i am applying for a job - argh - as a college enrollment officer - be interesting to see if I get an interview - it will be different than working at the state park - but the park job will only be for another month.

Bruce Hodder said...

Yeah, I'll get some poems together. I really liked the last quickzine.

Jobs, eh? I'm looking for one closer to home. Have to do a sixteen mile round trip every day to get to mine. Costs me £150 a month and too many wearying hours on the road.

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