Sunday, August 19, 2007

charles bukowski would have hated me

every time i have sex--
which isn't often these days--
i get anxious. i worry
i haven't measured up.

i fall asleep sometime between
the third beer and the fourth,
and i feel rotten when
i wake up in the morning.

i don't smoke. i'm scared
of cancer, and i don't
understand the act:
set fire to a leaf, and
suck it? why on earth?

i've only ever hit
one man. a lucky shot.
i hate violence of
any kind, it's stupid.
i'd like to see all guns
melted down; their metal
could make beds
for the homeless!

or cheap cars to ferry
all the children on the streets
to school. i'm a fan
of schools, and learning.

all a kid learns
on the streets
is how to shout, and spit.
that's my opinion.

charles bukowski
would have hated me.
but eliot, now there's
a man i could have
gone to tea with!


tom said...

don't think i could have spent much time with buk either - seldom drink, don't fight, etc....

enjoyed the poem

Bruce Hodder said...

Thanks, Tom. I said on my myspace site that Buk was really an academic pansy in hiding. Wanted to see if it would wind up his legions of admirers. But nobody bit.

Glenn said...

When I read Bukowski, nowadays, I can't understand what I ever saw in him. Yet I went through a phase where I read nothing else. Go figure.