Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Well, I've tried manfully to convince myelf I don't care, but today I held the Cross+Roads Press anthology OTHER VOICES in my hands today and I'm so proud to be in it I am close to wetting myself. Haven't read anything else in it yet except the poetry of my old buddy Ralph Murre, which is predictably intelligent, mature, wise and technically adept. There are a lot of writers, but I keep going back and looking at my own pages, marvelling at the fact that that guy called "Bruce Hodder" is me. In my journal this morning, after texting everyone I knew to say I had the book, I wrote triumphantly, "I have finally fucked Death in the gall bladder. But the Fear will come back tomorrow." Which pretty much sums it up.

If anybody wants to know how to get the book, drop me a line.


tom said...

yeah, let me know
i can't find it on cross+road's website.

Bruce Hodder said...

Oh, really? I don't have the address with me, but next time I'm at the pc I'll let you know.