Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another *Ahem* Success (How Soon The Fall Must Come)

I'm going to start boasting about my poetry successes now, just so you all know what a big cheese you're dealing with here (ha ha).

Latest one is placing a poem with those inestimable men and women at OUTSIDER WRITERS. Don't know when it will appear, but should be soon.

Are you familiar with the OUTSIDERS? They're the cream of what used to be the ULA, which fragmented after some kind of internal dispute. Among their numbers they boast Pat King and J.D. Nelson and Marissa Ranello. I like 'em. Always did, actually, but I especially like 'em now they're publishing my poem.

Follow the link on the right and have a look at what they're doing.


tom said...

good to hear!

yeah, pretty interesting group

Bruce Hodder said...

I read an old poem of yours this morning, on the back page of splake's old "Evergreen" book. It was lovely, very evocative.

tom said...


i'd forgotten about that

i'm thinking about putting a chapbook out this fall/winter - never done one before - so, who knows - got to finish the ones for Hartenbach and Pobo first though.