Tuesday, May 08, 2007

OOOO Lovely!!!

I'd rather listen to Ivor Cutler being tickled by his obliging fairy than expose myself to one minute of the r & b various friends of mine have on the tv all day long.


Glenn said...

for sure. gee, that "r n b" stuff is so very bad. plenty of rhythm but certainly no blues ...

sometimes i watch the music channels, and i find myself thinking, "of all the great songs they could play, instead they play this stuff. why?"

i suppose the answer lies in the demographics they are aiming at. pop music now is aimed at the 6-16 age group, and the music reflects that demographic.

tom said...

a lot of the lyrics and music are 'factory' produced too

most of the singer/song writers are limited to indie - but with the internet many have a large following - but you won't see many of them on tv or hear them on the top 40 stations